Will the existing secondary number service on a device work abroad as well?

You can easily continue to use the Num2 service abroad the country to which the main number belongs, by activating VOIP mode, which works upon a DATA channel – Wi-Fi or Internet of an foreign SIM card.

To activate VOIP mode you must first purchase a service pack in the app store. After purchasing, the user must go to the main menu >> Settings >> Use VOIP.

Please note that the packages that enable VOIP mode are standard monthly packages – a one-time monthly package or a renewable monthly package. While limited packages that include 500 minutes of call / SMS or a Change Number package do not include a VOIP mode option.

Also, receiving and making calls from the Num2 for users without a package that includes the use of VOIP, will only be possible if there is a package of calls abroad on the main number on which the application is installed, without a password. Proper call service depends on the roaming conditions of the local network.

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Why can’t I dial from my Num2 app to short codes like 166 or 199, or the numbers in prefixes 1-700, 1-800?

The Num2 app allows dialing mobile or landline numbers in Israel on all networks, as well as dialing in short numbers with an asterisk prefix (*).

Dialing for short code service numbers, such as 199,166 or 144, is not supported, as well as dialing premium numbers with 1-700, 1-800, 1-900 prefix, and overseas numbers.

You can emergency numbers from the app, while the call is made from the device dialer.

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Can I use WhatsApp with the secondary number?

The second WhatsApp account on a phone is currently supported on most new phones running Android 8 or higher.
We recommend setting up 2-step verification on your WhatsApp account, which will ensure WhatsApp account protection for your secondary number. To set up 2-step verification on WhatsApp guide, click here.
To view the setup guide on your device, click here.
On older Android devices, you can install the WhatsApp for Business app to set up the secondary number.
To download the WhatsApp business application for your device click here.
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How can I record calls made via the Num2 app?

Call recording is included in premium packages that you can purchase at the App store and Google play store. For iPhone customers, a call recording option is not built into the app due to Apple’s policy and must be enabled after purchasing a premium service with the network operator of the secondary number (Cellact Communications). To activate, please email num2@cellact.com.

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What does a ‘change number’ package include?

The ‘change number’ package includes the replacement of an existing secondary number with another random number that is given from the app numbers repository. The use of the Num2 after changing the number requires an active package in the app. A renewable or one-time package can be purchased at the store.

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