Can I port my number from another network to set it as my app secondary number?

Yes. You can port a number from another network and activate it as the secondary number. The porting can be done directly via the Num2 app by selecting “Port Number” option in the app menu. More info on number portability is found atניידות/

Before porting a number to the app, we recommend that you purchase and activate a Premium package by visiting the store via app main menu.

The porting can be performed during following hours:

Sunday – Thursday between 08:00 and 23:00

Friday from 08:00 to 14:00

According to the regulation, a user can also port the number out to another network at any time and stop using it as a secondary number, after purchasing a service package of total 30 NIS.

In order to enable the number portability to Cellact network, it is important to keep the number on a device in order to confirm porting by dialing or sending SMS.

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Can I port my secondary number to another cellular network?

After the user purchases Premium services and packages provided by the app, and total amount of purchases sums in 30 NIS or more, the user may port the secondary number to another Israeli cellular network. This is provided that the request to port the number is made as long as the secondary number is linked to the user’s primary phone number. For further details, please contact technical support at

Please note that if you have purchased a renewable Premium service and have ported your secondary number outside the Cellact network, in order to cancel the payments, your action is required in the store where you purchased the service – Google play, PayPal or the App store. For instructions on canceling payments for a renewable service, see the question “I purchased a renewable subscription service. How can I cancel the service and stop the payments?”

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Can I replace the secondary number with another number?

The given secondary number can be changed in Appstore (for iPhone users) or PayPal and Google play (for Android). To enter the store, go to the main menu in the app and choose Go to Store.

Changing your sec. number cancels the default number given, and switches to another random Israeli number within the range 055-7. If you want to choose a specific number, contact us at We will forward your request to our sales department, so they can contact you and assist to select and purchase a number from a list.

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What network do I need to subscribe to use the Num2 app?

You can subscribe to any of the Israeli cellular networks: Pelephone, Partner, Cellcom, Golan, Hot Mobile and any of the virtual operators.

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Why does the app need access to files?

In order to set different ringtone for secondary number, you need to give the app access to your device’s files.

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