I purchased a Premium service for a month, but I used less than that. Is it possible to receive a partial refund for the rest of the period?

If you purchase a service per month, you may use the service until the end of the period. You have this right even if you decide to stop using the app before the end of the month.

If you purchase a PayPal subscription and wish to discontinue future payments, you must do so through your PayPal account. See the answer to the question ” I purchased a new subscription service. How do I cancel the service and stop my payments?”

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I purchased a Premium service, but I do not want it. How do I get a refund?

IOS customersIn order to request a refund enter the following link: http://reportaproblem.apple.com Connect to your iTunes account with your username and password.Look for the SecNum app and clisk the Report a Problem buttonClick Choose Problem and choose “Didn’t mean to purchase this item“Write a short explanation of request reason, and click Submit.We will accept the application immediately and the credit will be processed up to 36 hours thereafter. For Android users – send your request to Num2@cellact.com.

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Does Num2 use cellular data?

Although Num2 uses the device’s dialer and does not make the call via data channel, using data is still required for proper operation of the service.

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Does making calls from the Num2 app cost money?

It depends on the service package of the primary phone number with its mobile operator:  if a subscriber has an all Inclusive program, there is no additional cost for the calls. The Num2 app uses the minutes of the subscriber’s primary number, so the two numbers share the same pricing plan with the operator. However, even if the operator bills the subscriber per minute, there is no additional payment for the call beyond the payment to the cellular operator.

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