I do not receive incoming calls

You need to check if you have set up call reject or call forward always or for out of office hours: go to the SET screen and see if there is a general call rejection setting out of office setting.


In addition, check if the application has a “White List” mode enabled – a mode in which all incoming calls are blocked, except for calls from specific numbers. To cancel the setting, in order to receive calls from all numbers, switch to “Black list” mode:

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How can I find the Num2 app on Google Play or App store?

The app name in the store is “Secondary number”. To find the app in the store, you can do the following searches: “num2”, “secnum” or “secondary number”.

You can also go to the following links:

On Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cellact.secnum

On the App Store: https://apps.apple.com/il/app/secnum/id1215632082

The link is the same in the Israeli store, and in stores of other countries where the app is located.

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I am trying to purchase a Premium service in the App store, but the packages appear unavailable

In case an iPhone user sees in-store packages as unavailable means that the customer’s Apple account cannot make a payment due to a lack of authorization or a payment restriction.

There are a variety of reasons why the account may not make a payment (for example, the account with a child barring).

In this case, you need to arrange the account privileges with Apple.

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I am not able to complete a conference call using the app: The app hangs when I click “Merge”

Check if your device has wifi calling setting and turn it off:

Enter your device settings and look for a wifi calling setting

If you do not see the setting, you can enter Wifi settings and look for it:

Once the setting is found, enter it and turn it off

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When I open the app, an error message pops up “Num2 is trying to delete your contacts …” What should I do?

When you use the application to make calls, Num2 creates a temporary contact on your device and deletes it at the end of each call. The error message you receive on your device is due to an operating system setting on some Xiaomi devices.

To allow the app to create and remove the temporary contact on your Xiaomi device, log in to Security Settings >> Permissions >> Permissions >> give permission to add and remove contacts to the Num2 app.

It is important to note that the Num2 application uses only the permission of contacts for the proper operation of the application. The app does not collect contact information from your device.

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