I downloaded the app but the service does not work

In order to specify the problem, please follow these steps:

  1. Make sure there is internet connection on your device.
  2. Make sure that all permissions are enabled, including access to contacts.
  3. If you have a device with two SIM cards (Dual SIM), make sure that the outgoing calls are made from the number with which you have registered for the Num2 app.
  4. If the problem still exists – you have incoming calls and messages but no outgoing calls and messages – please send us a screenshot via “Contact us” on your app, Also send us  the message that is displayed during the attempts to make a call / send a message.
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I received an incoming call on my Android device and I see the secondary number as a caller instead of a real caller ID.

This can happen for several reasons:

  1. For proper use of the secondary number, it is important to ensure that there is internet on the device on which the app is installed.
  2. You should search your device’s phone book, and look for your secondary number added as a contact, and if found – delete it from the phonebook.
  3. If outgoing calls also appear to secondary number instead of the destination number, you probably did not allow the app to use the device’s phone book during installation. To check the permissions granted, and give required permissions to an app that has already been installed – see the FAQ “How do I authorize the add-on app after the app is already installed on the device?”
  4. In addition, in this case you should check the battery usage settings of the device, depending on the device model:
  • In some devices, you should switch from automatic to manual power, allowing the Num2 app to run without saving the battery.
  • On other devices, make sure that no power saving mode is off and that the background data is allowed.


If you have checked all of the above settings and have not found the problem, please contact us at Num2@cellact.com . Please check and send us the following info: Do SMS messages arrive to the app? Are SMS messages arrive the main device number on which the app is installed?

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When I try to dial back the numbers that called my Num2, the app dials my secondary number instead.

The problem is known on Xiaomi devices. To resolve this, you must give the app permission to view notifications unique to this type of device.

From the device menu:

  1. Settings -> Apps -> Manage Apps -> Num2
  2. Click Notifications >> Yes


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I installed the app, but I can only dial one number from my contact list.

Answer: In order to find out and solve the problem, follow these steps:Make sure that the secondary number does not appear in your device’s contact list.In the device phonebook, search for a contact whose name starts with Dialing or Calling and if it is found, delete it from the phonebook.If Popup message appears asking permission to make a call to the secondary number, do the following:

  • On Android devices, verify that the application’s permissions have been approved.
  • On IPhone devices, that is a built in pop-up message. The call should arrive at the target number correctly.

If you purchased Premium service, make sure that the service has been updated in the application and that you are able to dial.


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