Secondary Number

Secondary Number is a service developed by Cellact and successfully launched in Israel on Cellact Communication MVNO network. Secondary Number is an innovative solution that allows users from any local network to communicate using a secondary number from our network without any additional SIM card.

It allows the use of a regular network dialing for Voice and SMS from additional phone number. Supporting both Android and IOS operating systems. Secondary Number application allows the use of multiple lines in a single SIM – mobile, fix, corporate, private, etc..

Service Technology Advantage:

  • SIM card not needed
  • Easy to join the service
  • Multiple products portfolio
  • Multiple Numbers on the same handset
  • ShareRing Number for SMB
  • Simple Conf App
  • Easy Forward option

Target Markets

Following list describes target market segmentation. Product lines are adopted based on target market.

  • Private Secondary Number
    • Differentiation of working and private phone lines
    • Differentiations of calls for family and for friends
    • Sell announcement – to sale a car, bike, apartment, etc
    • Dating
  • Family Number
    • Reach a family although if they are not at home. Calling to all Family Members, first answer taking call.
    • Access Family Line from any family member, also not from home.
  • Corporate Segment
    • Corporate number on private mobile
    • Address book per line
    • Line can be transferred to another person during absence or activity hours
    • Call recording