I bought a package and I’m not interested in it. How can I replace it with another package?

iPhone customers who purchased the package at the App store can replace a subscription package for another subscription package on the App Store subscription service management page – go to the Num2 application menu >>go to Store >> Manage subscriptions.

If you purchased your existing package in the PayPal or Google play store, go to store from the app menu, there you will be able to see and manage the active package and the other available packages. Here you can cancel the existing package, including canceling future charges for a renewable service, as well as purchase an additional (one-time) or another package.

To cancel a one-time package, or for additional questions regarding the replacement of the package, please contact Cellact technical support at num2@cellact.com.

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Why is there a price difference on the same service package between Google and PayPal stores?

Google clearing costs are much higher than on PayPal and we reflect the discount to the customer on PayPal where the commission is lower.

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What Premium services are there in the Num2 app? And what are the prices of the packages?

In order to use the Num2 app, you can purchase a variety of packages that include the use of calls and SMS messages. There are one-time or renewable packages. You can see the details of the existing packages and their prices in the store: from the main menu >> Go to store.

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I purchased a renewed subscription service and replaced my mobile device. How do I transfer the subscription service between the two devices?

If you have replaced a device but have not changed the primary phone number (SIM), all you must do is transfer the existing SIM from an old device to a new one, install the Num2 application, and activate it. The system remembers the association of the secondary number with the primary number (SIM), and will show you your number, and your existing package.

If you want to change the main phone number (SIM) on which the Num2 app is installed, you can use the account transfer option under Main menu >> Account >> Transfer account.

This option will be available to users with an active Premium package.

The prime numbers between which a secondary number is transferred, must belong to the same group of countries:

o for a prime number (SIM) belonging to Israel, the Netherlands, the UK, or the US – you can transfer to another prime number belonging to the same country only.

o for a main number belonging to the other European countries where the Num2 service is available – the secondary number can be transferred to any of the countries in the group (for example from a French main number can be transferred to a Belgian main number).

The transfer of the secondary number should be applied from the old device. The action activates a wizard, which accompanies the user until the transfer is complete.

Account transfer steps:

• Select an account to manage the package
– In case of using the same Google or Apple account on both devices, old and new, a subscription package will go directly to the new device.
– In case of using the same PayPal account, the package will be canceled automatically, including future payments, and the user must repurchase the subscription service.
– In case of switching from Android to iOS and vice versa, it is necessary to manually cancel the previous subscription plan in the store.

  • Authentication of the new primary numberUpon entering a new prime number in the wizard, we will send a verification code to the new number, which the user will be prompted to enter in the wizard.

    If, before transferring an account, a registration has already been made for the Num2 in the new device, and a new secondary number has been received, the wizard will instruct you to remove it, using an account deletion action, to transfer the existing secondary number to it.

  • After completing the transferThe subscriber will see the balance of calls and SMS he had before the transfer.

    If the user cancels a subscription service, at the end of the balance / period, he must enter the store and purchase a new package / subscription.

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How do I view the history of payments for a subscription service?

A: You can view the history of payments via the Paypal interface:

i. Connect to the Paypal interface with personal access details and access the Settings icon

ii. From settings, click PAYMENTS >> Manage pre-approved payments

iii. On “My preapproved payments for goods and services” page you can see a list of all subscription services purchased through Paypal. The Num2 service will appear under Cellact Num2. To enter the product details click on the product name:

iv. On “Recurring payment details” page you can see the product details and charges:

Click the View history button to view your payment history: