Someone else has signed up for WhatsApp or another service with the secondary number that used to belong to me.

The secondary number is given temporarily to the user, and is in his possession as long as there is an active paid program in the app.
In case of cancellation of a plan or end of a plan period, the secondary number enters a 90-day freeze period, during which a plan can be purchased, and the service renewed.
At the end of the 90-day freeze, the secondary number is released to the available numbers pool and can be assigned to another user.
A few days before the end of the program period, the user receives a notification of an expected service termination, in which we instruct to cancel registration for any service or social network, such as WhatsApp, where he registered using the secondary number.
If the number you used in the past has already been released and assigned to another user, and is active in the service – we cannot cancel it.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

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I purchased a premium service and set up an email address to receive call records. Do you keep the call recordings?

The call recordings are sent at the end of the call to the email address defined by the user in the application. For privacy reasons we do not store customer call recordings.

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I have set up a voice mailbox in the application and still in case of rejected call, the caller goes to primary number voicemail.

A subscriber may have set up via device settings for a call to go to a voicemail in case of no answer, rejected or busy.As for Num2, forward to voicemail according to those settings is considered as an answered call. The subscriber can control this by going to call settings and turning off the call forward. (Not all mobile operators allow editing those settings).

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What happens to unanswered incoming calls? Does the app have voicemail?

The Num2 app has its own voicemail. You can find voicemail settings under the “Set” tab. In order to receive voicemail messages you must set an email address to which recordings will be sent.For information security reasons, the service provider does not store the recordings of the messages left.

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Can I lock the app for maximum privacy protection?

Currently the lock option is not a part of the app, yet you can do it using innovative handsets with app lock feature, or with an external application such as App Lock.

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