How can I set two or more secondary numbers on the app?

You can define more than one secondary number on the app by installing the Cellact mobile manager app:

1) Search the Google Play app on the Cellactor app (the app is available today for Android users only) and install it on your device.


2)  In the Externals tab, purchase a shared number using Paypal (which will be used as your second Num2). Buying a shared number is a monthly recurring fee.

3)  Add your secondary number from the Num2 app as an extension under the shared number.


4) In the Mobile manager app, you can set an “alias” for your shared number – so you can tell which number received the call

5) In the Num2 app, you can choose which number to use to make outgoing calls. Incoming calls to both numbers will be accepted on your device.

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