Will the Num2 service work abroad?

You can easily continue to use the Num2 service abroad the country to which the main number belongs, by activating VOIP mode, which works upon a DATA channel – Wi-Fi or Internet of an foreign SIM card.

To activate VOIP mode you must first purchase a service pack in the app store. After purchasing, the user must go to the main menu >> Settings >> Use VOIP.

Make sure that the package you purchased allows the use of VOIP mode! The ability to activate the mode depends on the package size and the country where you installed the app.

Also, receiving and making calls from the Num2 for users without a package that includes the use of VOIP, will only be possible if there is a package of calls abroad on the main number on which the application is installed, without a password. Proper call service depends on the roaming conditions of the local network.

Please note that since the Num2 uses the Primary number’s calls and, we recommend that when travelling abroad the app should be set in VOIP mode on a local SIM or Wi-Fi, and not on a SIM in roaming mode, to avoid exceptional charges at the network operator to which the SIM belongs.

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