Will the existing secondary number service on a device work abroad as well?

You can easily continue to use the Num2 service abroad the country to which the main number belongs, by activating VOIP mode, which works upon a DATA channel – Wi-Fi or Internet of an foreign SIM card.

To activate VOIP mode you must first purchase a service pack in the app store. After purchasing, the user must go to the main menu >> Settings >> Use VOIP.

Please note that the packages that enable VOIP mode are standard monthly packages – a one-time monthly package or a renewable monthly package. While limited packages that include 500 minutes of call / SMS or a Change Number package do not include a VOIP mode option.

Also, receiving and making calls from the Num2 for users without a package that includes the use of VOIP, will only be possible if there is a package of calls abroad on the main number on which the application is installed, without a password. Proper call service depends on the roaming conditions of the local network.

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