How do I cancel the Num2 service?

If you want to cancel at once the Num2 service and stop receiving calls and SMS, you can delete an account in the main menu >> Settings >> Account >> Delete account

Deleting your account:

  • Allows you to delete the existing package and sets the application as inactive.
  • Directs the user to go to the store where the package was purchased (Google play, App store, Paypal) to cancel the subscription and stop the payments.

What happens after deleting an account?

  • The user account in the app is frozen, the app cannot be used, and the user does not receive incoming calls or SMS.
  • A 90-day count begins for the release of the secondary number to the pool of available numbers, and the termination of the assignment of the secondary number to user’s device.
  • Within 90 days of the service freeze, the subscriber can purchase a package and resume the service using the same secondary number.
  • The actual deletion of the account does not cancel the payments for users who purchased a monthly subscription service. The user must log in to the app store following the link and cancel the subscription service.
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