How to import contacts from an Android device to the Num2 app?

The way to import contacts from an Android device to the Num2 app is by synchronizing the contacts on the device with Google Contacts, exporting a list from Google and importing to the app.

Here are the steps:

1. Sync contacts on your device with Google contacts:

  • Open the device settings and enter in the ‘sync’ search bar.
  • Select Google Contacts sync.
  • In the Sync device contacts section, open Manage settings.
  • Enable automatic synchronization and backup: Automatically back up & sync device contacts.

  • Select the Google Account to which you want to sync your contacts.
  • Auto-sync is now turned on.

2. Export contacts from Google to file

  • Go to the Google Contacts Management screen. You can do this by going back to the Google Contacts sync page and clicking on the link, or by searching the Google chrome application ‘Contacts google’.
  • Make sure you open the contacts management page from the Google Chrome browser or app!
  • On the Contacts Management page, open menu.
  • and select ‘Export’.

  • Choose to export to Google CSV file
  • Verify that the file was downloaded successfully.

3. Import a contact file to the Num2 app

  • Open the Num2 app
  • Open the main menu and make sure Use app contacts is turned on

  • Open a contacts tab.
  • Open a submenu (icon) and select ‘Import from Google CSV file’.
  • Navigate to the Download folder where the file is located and select it.
  • Confirm and complete the upload.

4. Encountered a problem? Make sure that your device has a file management application installed!

  • To install the Files for Google application from Google Play Store click here.
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