I have not used the app for three months, and now the app is not working. What should I do?

The secondary number is randomly assigned by the app when registering, while you have 5 days of unlimited free trial to use the app.  After 5 days, it will not be possible to continue using the app’s service except by purchasing a service pack in the app store. The number that is assigned to the user at the time of registration is stored for 3 months, so if you purchase a package within 3 months from the installation, you will receive the same number. At the end of 3 months from app installation, the number returns to the free number pool, and if you purchase a service, you will be prompted to re-register and may be assigned another number.For users purchasing premium service (unlimited), the secondary number will be retained for the whole period of the service even if it is not actually used. However, if the Premium service period ends and the user does not renew it, the number will be returned to the free numbers pool in case of no use at the end of 3 months.

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