Will the secondary number in the app remain with me indefinitely?

The number assigned by the app will remain unchanged during the 5-day trial period and will remain assigned for a limited period after the trial ends. If a user has not purchased a premium service during the trial period (5 days) or during this limited period – the secondary number will be returned to the pool of free numbers, and if a user decides to purchase the service, they will receive a different number.

If a user has purchased a Premium service (unlimited service), the secondary number will remain with him throughout the purchased usage period, even if the application has not been used.

If a user has ported a number from another network to the Num2 app – the number will remain with him as long as the app is active, and the user will be able to port the number to another operator network at any time. If there has been no active use of the Num2 app (there was no use of the service, and / or an active premium package in the app) for 6 months, the company will be entitled to return the number via porting it to its original operator network.

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