I do not receive SMS messages for the app, although I can send messages and place calls.

Please check the following settings:

1) Confirm permission for the app

Text messages to the secondary number are passed as notification in the Data channel.

Possibly, when you installed the app, you did not give permission to receive notifications.

To check this, enter the device settings Application Manager >> Find the Num2 app >> go to permissions and verify that the permission has been granted.

2) Verify that the “White mode” status is not defined in the application

White mode blocks incoming calls and messages, except for a closed list of specific numbers. Please make sure that this mode is not configured in the app.

Access the main menu in the application >> Settings >> Block numbers

Make sure the setting is “Black mode”. If the existing setting is “White mode”, change it to “Black mode”.

If the authorization is given but you still cannot receive SMS messages, please contact us at Num2@cellact.com

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